We would like to update you on the development that is going on around us. Rest assured, our cemetery staff have worked with developers to minimize the impact on our cemetery. We have asked for as much buffering as possible including the addition of evergreen trees along that space.   The development is going to be on the right side of the cemetery as you look at it from the main road. This map will show what development is going in.

The cemetery is at the bottom right of this sketch. As you can see, a new road will run   along side the right of the cemetery. Again, we have asked for as much buffer as possible. They have also added curves to the road to keep traffic moving at a slow pace. 

Out of the thirty acre cemetery, ten are currently developed and the remaining twenty are currently undeveloped. We have no current plans to develop for either cemetery use or other use.

This shows you the area that we own versus what we do not own (and do not control). 

There will be a new sewer line running across the left side of cemetery (not on developed property). That construction will be temporary. 

We appreciate your patience as this development happens around us.  Much is not in our control. We understand changes can be frustrating.  We are doing all we can to advocate to keep the cemetery as peaceful as possible.  We really do believe a lot of the development will only help to make the cemetery look even better by the end of the project. 

If you have any questions, please email Sam James at [email protected].

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