Cemetery Guidelines

Our cemetery guidelines ensure peace and respect for all.

Our rules and regulations are designed to assist in building and maintaining a cemetery of surpassing beauty as a memorial to those loved ones that you have entrusted to our care.  You can help us achieve this worthy purpose by observing the following policies governing the operations of the park.

  • Temporary grave markers provided by funeral homes are allowed for six weeks only.
  • Funeral flowers will be removed by park personnel after they have become wilted and unsightly, usually five days after interment.  An artificial wreath may be used on fresh graves for a period of six weeks after burial.  
  • Six weeks after a funeral service, flowers are permitted in bronze memorial vases only. Flowers should be secured in the vase with Styrofoam so that wind will not blow them out.
  • No flowers allowed the first two weeks of March every year. This allows the park personnel to do a general cleaning of the grounds and we also fertilize the grass at this time.     
  • Potted plants, stands, glass containers, ceramic figurines, other breakable material, wire hooks, rocks, urns and other similar objects are not permitted unless otherwise stated in this policy.  To permit such items would jeopardize our liability insurance as they could be dangerous if hit by a mower.  They have damaged equipment and even more important, they can severely injure our personnel or any visitor who may be in the park. We do make an exception from December 15th to January 25th for Christmas decorations.  potted easter lilies are permitted Good Friday thru Easter Monday.
  • No digging or planting on the grave. This includes shrubs, bushes, trees or live flowers. Park personnel are the only ones allowed to open a grave for casket or cremain burial.  
  • Small children should be accompanied by an adult and should not be allowed to run about the park.
  • Brochures of approved memorials are available at the park office(10520 Arahova Dr., Huntersville, NC)  for your consideration and selection.  If the memorial is purchased through an outside vendor, a fee of  $.69 per square inch (plus $250.00) will be charged to set & install the marker (square inch measurement on the  granite base of a flat memorial & the die of an upright).
  • There are bugs and creatures in our 30 acre outdoor setting; though measures are taken to control them, please use caution.  
  • Marker purchase does not include resetting after the first six weeks.  
  • Resetting must be done by cemetery personnel only (at family’s expense)

We solicit your cooperation in these matters, as well as, your suggestions for the improvement of our park or our service to you.